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About Me
Hi my name is Anthony Ghosh/ DJ Talent.  I was born in Peterborough Cambridgeshire.

I am known for my trademark 28 gold teeth And My excessive amount of gold bling.

I started getting into music in the mid 90's playing hardcore and Jungle music.
I started Dj-ing and playing in underground Radio Stations playing hardcore and Jungle music. But in 1997 the uk Garage scene started to break through. It was all about Speed Garage influenced by the Jungle Scene with dirty bass lines.
In the 90's the rave scene was big it was all about going to Raves and dancing all night listening to your favourite DJ's . I was a regular raver at World Dance, Desire, Elevation.

I enjoyed the Rave scene it was all about going raving to Fabio and Grooverider, DJ Zinc, and Dj Hype, Andy C, Randall, Ray Keith, Jumping Jack Frost.  The hardcore and Jungle scene, and uk Garage scene was influenced by Regga and Ragga music and dance hall. My favourite record shop back in the 90's was black market BM Soho, also bluebird  records in Bromley in Kent.

Tracks that I really liked back in the day was Jonny L hurt you so and piper tracks. I liked Goldie Terminator track on Metal Headz, DJ Zinc hip hop jungle track super sharp shooter.  They were my favourite hardcore and Jungle Tracks.

In 1997 it was all about the Uk Garage scene. Influenced from Chicago house and Detroit house.
My favourite uk Garage tracks back in the day was Tim Deluxe and Omar and Andy Lysandrou
Hit club anthem Rip 99 on Ice cream records.  I liked the Mj Cole Track Sincere, i liked the uk Garage band True Steppers. Who are my good friends Kid Andy, Jonny L.  I had to great friends from the rave scene who got me into the underground Radio Scene Sam Mc Supplier/ DJ Sweet.

I met Dj Luck and Mc Neat and blue dread through the underground scene I used to Dj and play at there night club events.  Blue Dread and DJ Luck introduced me to a guy called John Jkl/ Electrostat who made and produced the 3 top ten Dj Luck and MC Neat records . John / jkl made and produced the club hit anthem A little Bit of Luck the 3 track Red Rose Ep.
I was so impressed that I Cut a 10 inch dub plate of the anthem record A Little bit of Luck.
From there in 1998 I met Jkl/ Electrostat and the first two records we produced friends and I can't Believe were sold in Hmv on white label in all major record shops and DJ Ez played my record I can't believe in the gas club and from there the dance floor went crazy.
People were dancing to my music played by one of the biggest urban dance DJ's in the industry
The legendary DJ Ez.
I was a big fan of the Dream Team, Timmy Magic, Mikee B, Dj Spoony, Norris the boss windrows, Jason K,  Martin Larner.  MC Creed, MC DT, MC PSG.

How music has changed the 90's was all about Vinyl and Cassette tapes. Going to record shops and buying promo's and white labels and cutting exclusive Dub plates of big tracks.
What I love about London is we are pioneers of the hardcore and Jungle Scene, Drum and bass scene, house and Garage and Dubstep scene.

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